ART of Business

Design challenge of the 21st Century

Over the last 250 years, business and corporations have become arguably the most powerful social institutions of the 21st Century, employing millions of people everyday and heavily influencing our perspective. Industrialism has benefitted humankind tremendously, delivering incredible technological enhancements, but at what cost?

If we were to momentarily suspend time and stand face-to-face with the fierce urgency of reality, we would see the consequence of repeating the last 250 years, for people, the planet and corporations themselves, is unacceptable.

Now is the time fundamentally rethink the purpose of business and corporations, to redesign their architecture, reduce short-term pressures, and thus create the space for transformational change.  Now is the time to give birth to methodologies that empower business and corporations to inspirit humankind.  A new way of doing business.

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